Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2015


Microsoft Dynamics is a line of business management solutions that works like and with familiar Microsoft software, automating and streamlining financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes in a way that helps you drive business success.



Financial Management

  • Efficiently manage bookkeeping and inventory

  • Simplify cash flow management

  • Control fixed assets

  • Process bank reconciliations and collections

  • Work with multiple currencies, locations, legal entities, or companies



  • Boost efficiency of production orders

  • Improve supply planning

  • Stay agile and respond quickly to customer demands

  • Manage capacity requirements planning more effectively


Supply Chain Management

  • Tailor approval work flow processes

  • Manage inventory

  • Improve your responsiveness

  • Pursue new market opportunities

  • Work more efficiently with partners



  • Manage budgets

  • Create custom reports using step- by-step wizards

  • Consolidate reports easily

  • Look for trends and relationships

  • Increase collaboration and share knowledge